Led By Demons is a masked metal band out of Columbus Ohio with members originating from multiple areas within Ohio. The band was founded in 2016 by lead vocalist J, AKA BeletaVey. After several line up changes, the band settled on four members in 2019 that all took on their own stage names to keep their anonymity. Led By Demons is known for their imagery, intense and energy driven live shows, attention grabbing lyrics, and unique metal sound. Often compared by Slipknot due to their masks and Slayer due to their metal style of music. Initially a self-promoted band, Led By Demons performed their debut show on June 8th 2019, and released their debut single Sacred Lies on January 3rd 2020. In the short time that they have been formed they have performed on numerous stages. On August 26th 2020 Led By Demons officially signed with Misanthropik Records.
In December of 2020 Led By Demons caught the attention of Knight Stalker Records and were given a new recording contract, causing them to part ways with Misanthropik Records.

In 2021 a line up change was made to Led By Demons, leading to the departure of Roswell and Pestilence. This departure led to the addition of Daemonium Tympanista and Scrowie.