The beginning of a journey, what does Led By Demons mean

We are Led By Demons and we were created to give an outlet to people around the world, and ourselves, with music! Our name scares some people, which is good only because anything that gets people talking about us is a good thing no matter what! This is J, the lead vocalist, and I had a goal that began in 2012, after the first time I was on stage performing with a metal band. I used to be a rapper, and did a song with a local metal band, which led to a lot of shows and the energy that I got from the crowd was much more appealing than what I ever go on stage as a rapper; so, i decided that metal was where I belonged, and so was born this band; or, at least the beginning of this band. As I was trying to get this figured out I started another band that turned into a rap project. I then really focused on getting my metal band together. i wanted to make it a masked metal band because I feel that the mask allows me to hide hide my feelings and emotions physically, and allow people to focus on the music. As I was creating this band I needed a name, so I asked my wife (who was my fiance at the time); she came up with this name and I decided to roll with it.

Now, about our name; although she came up with the name, I still have developed a meaning. The name is a metaphor, it represents the demons that everyone has inside of them, whether it be alcoholism, drug addiction, or mental health challenges (which is where my demons lie). The symbols and the imagery we use is just for entertainment and shock value. So, keep up with us and you will become a leader and not be controlled!

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