Led by demons

masked mayhem

 Led By Demons brings masked metal mayhem straight out of Central Ohio to the masses in their energetic live shows and on their dynamic recordings. The three-piece takes the best elements of 90’s heavy metal and spins them into a new direction for the 2020’s. The drive and aggression of metallic hardcore meets the harmonic technicality of death metal in their music, presented with the flow and bounce of nu-metal. On stage and online, the band presents a demonic imagery reflective of their attention-grabbing lyrics. Catch a live show or stream them now to enter the abyss, kneel at the altar, and face the demons

Music & live video

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    Fear 3:14
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Press / Reviews

"Bound By The Wrist song review" "This is nice, it has everything a good metal song needs. It should be well received by music enthusiasts of your genre and a broad audience. The music industry is uncertain but your music should have potential. ” - Wolfrage Recordings
"Bound By The Wrist Song Review" "Track is excellent and the plating is top notch - dynamics too. If done in protools, could consider bumping the bpm, may just take it over the top. Well done here! "” - Vitamin D
"Bound By The Wrist Song Review" "Great stuff. So many metal bands spend so much time trying to be 'extreme' -- by playing everything at full volume and full throttle, while trying to fill every second with a thrashing cacophony of blastbeats and double-time riffage and indecipherable screaming. It all ends up sounding the same. Not this track. It's well planned and constructed, proving that less truly is more. All the individual elements are strong and sharp and memorable. The double-bass work and tempo shifts in the drumming are particularly excellent, and the guitar riffs are top-notch. Bonus points for having a vocalist who can summon the demons while enunciating so you can actually make out what he's saying. I added this to my Tinnitist Top 200 playlist on Spotify. If you can return the favour with a like / share / follow / social media mention, that would be great. If you're ever in the market for a paid premiere or sponsored post, feel free to email me directly at editor@tinnitist.com for more information. Either way, thanks for sharing this, best of luck and keep up the great work. cheers / d"” - Tinnitist